We are always looking for enthusiastic people keen to give their skills, talents and time in service to Lord Krishna. We call it "seva". In Sanskrit, the word “seva” means “selfless service” or work performed without any desire for repayment or reward. Seva benefits us personally, bringing great joy and satisfaction to the heart. It also benefits the community as a whole.

There are many ways you can engage in volunteering alongside our vibrant community of both resident and non-resident volunteers:

  • Administration
  • Book distribution
  • Communications
  • Community development
  • Cow protection
  • Deity worship
  • Education and training
  • Event management
  • Festivals
  • Finance
  • Food distribution to the homeless
  • Guest care
  • Kitchen services
  • Live broadcasts
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Outreach
  • Publications
  • Radha Krishna Records (our Temple record label)
  • Singing Hare Krishna maha-mantra in the streets
  • Sunday services