Srimati Radharani’s glorious appearance on this planet occurred on this day around 5,000 years ago. She is the divine female energy of Lord Krishna, His loving potency, which He is all attracted by. Srimati Radharani is the queen of Lord Krishna’s heart and the queen of all living entities. She is Lord Krishna’s eternal love and His dearmost devotee, exemplifying the standard of excellence of love and devotion towards Krishna. Devotees fast till noon on this day, followed by a feast in Her honour.

Festival Schedule

07.05 am Guru Puja
08.00 am Deity Greetings
08.10 am Adhivas Ceremony
08.30 am Blessing Ceremony
09.00 am Class
10.30 am Bhajans
12.30 pm Raj Bhoga Arati
01.00 pm Class
02.00 pm Feast
03.30 pm Harinam
04.35 pm Abhishek
05.30 pm Drama
06.15 pm Class
07.00 pm Sandhya Arati
09.00 pm Shayana Arati

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